Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Meta and more have laid off thousands of workers in recent months, leaving many wondering what to do if you suddenly find yourself without a job.

Washington Post Personal Finance Columnist Michelle Singletary and Axios Business Editor Dan Primack gave their insights on Greater Boston.

Primack said the tech industry expanded rapidly during the pandemic and is now having to shed some of that staff. However, there are many job opportunities for tech workers at non-tech companies, Primack said.

"Right now there are jobs even for coders and these tech workers, they might just not be in the traditional places," Primack said, adding that this is a time when we might see a tech startup boom.

Singletary said if you are laid off, it's important to take the time to mourn the loss of that hard-earned job. "You have to deal with that mental part of it," she said.

Then, look at your budget and find things you can cut out immediately, because you never know how long it might take to get another job.

If necessary, you can take measures such as paying the minimum balance on your credit card for a few months, pausing debt or mortgage payments, Singletary said.

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