Today on Boston Public Radio:

We began the show by discussing the “Replacement Theory,” the racist, antisemitic ideology cited by the Buffalo shooter who killed 10 in a supermarket over the weekend.

Tom Nichols updated listeners on the latest news from Ukraine. Nichols is a contributing writer and proprietor of “Peacefield” newsletter at The Atlantic, a professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, and a five-time "Jeopardy!" winner.

Tom Nichols on BPR | May 16, 2022

Michael Curry responded to the Buffalo shooting, and discussed U.S. health disparities for communities of color. Curry is chair of the NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee, and is president and CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers.

Michael Curry on BPR | May 16, 2022

Corby Kummer talked about an investigation into meatpacking plants lying to stay open during the pandemic, and McDonalds withdrawing from Russia. Kummer is executive director of the Food and Society policy program at the Aspen Institute, a senior editor at The Atlantic and a senior lecturer at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Corby Kummer on BPR | May 16, 2022

Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III shared the names and stories of the victims in the Buffalo shooting. Monroe is a syndicated religion columnist and the Boston voice for Detour’s African American Heritage Trail. Price is founding pastor of Community of Love Christian Fellowship in Allston, and the Inaugural Dean of Africana Studies at Berklee College of Music. Together they host the “All Rev’d Up” podcast.

Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III on BPR | May 16, 2022

Marcela García broke down her latest columns, including on the potential end of Roe v. Wade and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott busing migrants to Washington, D.C. García is an associate editor and columnist for the Globe’s op-ed page.

Marcela Garcia on BPR | May 16, 2022

We ended the show by asking listeners their thoughts on Goldman Sachs' new unlimited vacation policy.