This week on Under the Radar:

Mutants, monsters, monarchs — and the beloved superheroes who battle them — populate the Marvel universe. These days, that fictional comic book universe draws fans beyond the faithful comic book nerds. Millions of enthusiasts eagerly follow the creative storytelling, which often inspires more questions than answers. How did it all come to be?

In his new book, “All of the Marvels: A Journey to the Ends of The Biggest Story Ever Told,” author Douglas Wolk unravels the hydra-headed history of the archival storylines and creator squabbles that have continued to shape the contemporary Marvel universe.

Douglas Wolk has written about comic books, graphic novels, pop music and technology for publications including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and Slate. He’s also the author of the Eisner Award-winning book, “Reading Comics.”