Today on Boston Public Radio:

Michael Curry discussed the importance of community partnerships in increasing vaccination levels, and weighed in on opinions on the mayor’s race in Boston’s Black community. Curry is the president and CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and a member of Gov. Charlie Baker’s COVID Vaccine Advisory Group. He’s also a member of the National NAACP Board of Directors and chair of the board’s advocacy and policy committee.

Michael Curry on BPR | Oct. 25, 2021

Then, we asked listeners about whether they think a recent rise in union actions symbolizes genuine change, or if the current push for better labor practices will fizzle out.

Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett took questions from listeners about all things related to vaccines, as authorization for children ages 5-11 nears and people begin to mix and match booster shots. Gergen Barnett teaches in the Department of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center and Boston University Medical School.

Dr. Katherine Gergen Barnett on BPR | Oct. 25, 2021

Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III talked about how Evangelical Christians are looking for a new label for their community. Monroe is a syndicated religion columnist, the Boston voice for Detour’s African American Heritage Trail and co-host of the All Rev’d Up podcast. Price is the founding pastor of Community of Love Christian Fellowship in Allston, the Inaugural Dean of Africana Studies at Berklee College of Music and co-host of the All Rev’d Up podcast.

Revs. Irene Monroe and Emmett G. Price III on BPR | Oct. 25, 2021

Susan Orlean previewed her latest book about animals, including the history of the movie “Free Willy,” her relationship with turkeys and her Valentine’s Day spent with a lion. Orlean is a staff writer for the New Yorker, and an author; her latest book is “On Animals.”

Susan Orlean on BPR | Oct. 25, 2021

We ended the show by talking with listeners about their experiences with “Buy Nothing” Facebook groups and efforts for sustainable buying and selling.