Deval Patrick On Meeting The Moment In America’s Racial Reckoning
While last week’s guilty verdict for former police officer Derek Chauvin signified a form of justice for some observers, others have pointed to the multiple police killings of Black Americans in just the past week as signs of the unfinished work ahead in the United States’ reckoning on racism. Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick joined Jim Braude to discuss.

This Officer Stopped Her Colleague From Doing A Chokehold. Then She Changed The Law.
Fifteen years ago, Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne was fired after intervening when she saw a white colleague performing a chokehold on a man. This month, a judge ruled in her favor, restoring her rights to her pension and back-pay that she missed as a result. Horne joined 'Greater Boston' to talk about her long-running fight for justice for herself and change in policing practices nationwide, following her hard-fought success in changing the law in Buffalo.