Boston Epidemiologist On Further COVID Restrictions: ‘The Time To Act Was A Month Ago’
On the same day the first COVID-19 vaccines were distributed in the U.S. Monday, the nation passed yet another grim milestone of 300,000 deaths from the disease. With case rates rising in Massachusetts, Boston and a handful of other cities and towns announced new restrictions set to begin in the coming days. The measures go further than the ones announced by Governor Charlie Baker last week, which went into effect Sunday. But Sam Scarpino, director of Northeastern University's Emergent Epidemics Lab, said his review of the data shows more action needs to be take, and fast. “I think the time to act was a month ago,” Scarpino told Jim Braude on Greater Boston. “If we don’t act now, we are going to be in a nearly untenable situation come January.”

Trump’s Niece Calls President’s Pandemic Handling ‘At Best, Criminally Negligent Homicide ... At Worst, Mass Murder’
As the COVID-19 death toll passed 300,000 in the U.S. on Monday, President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, reflected on her uncle’s handling of the pandemic. “This is, at best, criminally negligent homicide and at worse, mass murder,” she said Monday on GBH News' nightly news show, 'Greater Boston.' “And I’m leaning toward mass murder, because he’s continuing to do nothing even though we have at our disposal means to stop this.”