Rep. Joe Kennedy On Why His Eight Years In Congress Have Made Him Hopeful For The Nation’s Future
“We have to do a better job and rededicate ourselves to [the] hard work of understanding and empathy,” Congressman Joe Kennedy said when he joined Jim Braude shortly after delivering his farewell speech on the House floor Wednesday. “But I think, given my time here, it strengthens my belief in the system, the challenges of it … but you see the resilience of the nation as well. And that makes me hopeful.”

How The America Of 100 Years Ago Can Serve As A Model To Fix The Polarized, Self-Centered America Of Today
Social and political scientist Robert Putnam has long warned of the problems America’s increasing social isolation has caused — most famously, in his 2000 book “Bowling Alone.” In his latest book, “The Upswing,” along with co-author Shaylyn Romney Garrett, he argues that history provides a model for us to overcome our current self-centered nature, and once again focus on the collective good. The last gilded age, at the end of the 19th century, “was a time of great inequality, great polarization, great social isolation [and] great cultural narcissism,” according to Putnam. But what Garrett describes as the “moral reckoning” that followed put the nation back on the path toward a stronger and more equal society — providing a roadmap that could also help us today. Putnam and Garrett joined Jim Braude to discuss.

IMHO: Real Christmas Trees Are Really The Only Option
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the importance of real Christmas trees, this year more than ever.