President Donald Trump's campaign has filed at least 17 lawsuitsin numerous jurisdictions — largely in swing states — mostly claiming voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, but none have held up in court due to little or no evidence. Andrea Cabral, former secretary of public safety and sheriff of Suffolk County, spoke to Boston Public Radio on Thursday about how unsubstantiated allegations often fare in the legal system.

"[Trump] is zero for 12 at this point," she said. "The [lawsuits] are absolutely baseless claims, and they've been getting laughed out of court, essentially, by a number of judges."

Cabral shared the account of Jonathan Goldstein, the attorney representing the Trump campaign's suit this week against Montgomery County Board of Elections for rampant voter fraud. When asked directly if there is any fraud in connection with disputed ballots, Goldstein replied, "To my knowledge at present, no."

An attorney can't file something, regardless of what a client wants, if a lawsuit has no basis, Cabral noted.

"Under the federal rules, the allegations in your complaint have to be made with specificity. You can't just make this vague allegation," she said. "Any self-respecting lawyer really should be paying attention to their reputation when they file something like this."

Cabral is the former secretary of public safety and sheriff of Suffolk County. She is currently the CEO of Ascend.