Cars are getting political this year, and what's under the hood is at the center of a contentious debate about Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot. The proposal would update the commonwealth's original "Right to Repair" law, which was passed by a voter referendum in 2012. It would mandate that independent vehicle repair shops have the same access to wirelessly transmitted vehicle data that automakers have. Supporters say a "Yes" vote on Question 1 guarantees that independent auto repair shops will not be cut off from the new wireless technology known as 'telematics' and shut out of the market. Supporters of a 'No' vote on Question 1 say greater access to this data could pave the way for malicious cyberattacks and tampering of personal data.


Conor Yunitsis a spokesperson for the “No on 1” campaign andCoalition for Safe and Secure Data.

Tommy Hickey is the director of the “Yes on 1” campaign and Right to Repair Committee.