President Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power creates a challenge for the media. How do journalists balance informing the public about the possibilities of election mayhem without being alarmist, or playing into his alleged strategy of sowing doubts about the legitimacy of the outcome?

As Amy Coney Barrett’s name started circulating as a potential Supreme Court nominee, her religious beliefs came under scrutiny because a faith group she is affiliated with is perceived by some outlets to be on the outer edge of American Catholicism. How should media outlets handle the story?

Ellen DeGeneres returned to the airwaves this week with an apology and promises to make amends for allowing a toxic workplace. Can the self-described "'Be Kind' lady" move past the incident?

Rants & Raves: The panel reviews the week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Callie Crossley of GBH News, former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, and former NECN anchor Mike Nikitas.