Note: We’re on tape today, replaying some of our favorite conversations.

On today's episode of Boston Public Radio:

– Former U.S. Senate Investigator Daniel J. Jones and director Scott Z. Burns discussed their collaboration on the new movie "Report,” about Jones’ investigation into the CIA’s use of torture.

Daniel Leader, a pioneer in the American baking world, discussed his latest book, "Living Bread."

– Author and activist Naomi Klein talked about her new book, "On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal."

– New Yorker staff writer and host of the “Revisionist History” podcast Malcolm Gladwell discussed his new book, "Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know."

– Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Ronan Farrow discussed his new book, "Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators."

– Harvard Business School’s Michael Norton discussed his latest research on why minimalism is the new status symbol.

– Writer Joshua Foer talked about the latest edition of "Atlas Obscura: An Explorers Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders."