News came Thursday that 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain has died from COVID-19, after contracting the coronavirus in late June. He was 74.

The former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and co-chair of Black Voices for Trump was an avid supporter of the president, as well as his messaging that fears about COVID-19 are overblown.

Speaking Thursday on Boston Public Radio, former Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral said she expects Cain’s death “won’t change a thing about what Donald Trump says about the virus publicly."

"I don’t think people should harbor any illusions. He doesn’t care who dies," she added. "That’s kind of obvious by the fact that we have over 150,000 deaths in this country, and he’s still saying the things that he’s saying.”

“While Herman Cain’s death is certainly unfortunate, we should really be conscious of the fact that people are making choices in the face of facts and science, to pretend that this doesn’t exist," she said. "And we should be mindful of how dire those consequences are.”

Cabral is the former sheriff of Suffolk County, former secretary of public safety and CEO of Ascend.