Bay State Banner Senior Editor Yawu Miller On Being Stopped By Police While Photographing
Bay State Banner Senior Editor Yawu Miller wrote on Twitter this week that he was recently stopped and questioned by about seven police officers while taking photos for a story. It was far from the first time in his life that Miller, who is Black, had been questioned by police, although he said it hadn't happened to him since he was young — and, as he wrote online, it reminded him of similar stories he still hears from young people color in the city. He joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Professor Calls For Liability Insurance For Cops To Help Prevent Misconduct
In a recent op-ed for The Boston Globe, Northeastern School of Law Professor Deborah Ramirez recently called for mandatory liability insurance for police officers. She says the move would help hold law enforcement accountable for wrongdoing without making taxpayers foot the bill for financial settlements reached after police misconduct. She joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Rehan Staton On His Acceptance To Harvard Law School Following Work As A Sanitation Worker
Growing up, Maryland native Rehan Staton faced his share of difficulties. His family struggled financially after his mother left when he was eight years old. Later on, health problems ended his dreams of pursuing a career as an athlete, and he ended up finding employment as a sanitation worker. This spring, things changed for him when he was accepted to Harvard Law School, where he plans to enroll this fall. He joined Jim Braude to discuss.