June is LGBTQ Pride Month, but most in-person marches, and even virtual events, have been postponed. Political commentator Sue O'Connell spoke with Boston Public Radio on Friday about the decision to postpone Pride amid the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustices in the country.

"As Pride has grown in popularity, there's always been attention to how big Pride gets, but this year, with the events of the nation, between [the] COVID-19 impact, and civil rights efforts, folks have reconsidered Pride this year," she said. "It was already going to be postponed because of COVID-19, but the organizers at Pride, I think rightly so, decided to go back and focus on the inequalities that brought us here today."

Organizers of Pride events are hoping to reinvest, in some cases for the first time, into civil rights efforts, O'Connell noted. "So it's a somber Pride this year, even though it's Boston's 50th anniversary for their Pride, but it's a great reminder of what the roots of our movement are."