Emily Rooney, host of WGBH News' Beat the Press, spoke to Boston Public Radio on Friday about the CNN crew members who were arrested Friday morning while covering the Minneapolis protests. The protests began Tuesday night, over the death of George Floyd while in policy custody.

"It was so menacing, it was ominous, this group of state patrol encircled Jimenez and his crew," Rooney said. "Jimenez explained who he was, he said they were from CNN, he had shown them the credentials, and then they still arrested them."

Jimenez and his crew were eventually released from police custody, she added. "The state police released this ridiculous statement, and the governor called the president of CNN and apologized for it," she said. "You have to look at it, Jimenez is a man of color. It's like, you think they would've done that to you or me? I don't think so."