Today on Boston Public Radio:

— We opened our lines to ask listeners: with hair salons and barbershops back open in Mass., will you be heading out to get your hair cut?

— TIME Magazine journalist Molly Ball discussed her new biography on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, titled “Pelosi."

— Environmental journalist Bill McKibben discussed the minor impact of quarantine on global carbon emissions, and the lessons we can gleam about our current climate crisis from the U.S.’ sluggish COVID-19 response.

— We opened lines to talk with listeners about the state’s gradual reopening, ahead of Gov. Charlie Baker’s Tuesday press conference.

— We aired live audio from Gov. Baker’s press conference.

— Behavioral economist Mike Norton talked about the exclusionary power of the inside joke, and responded to comments and questions from listeners.

— CNN’s John King discussed the politicization of the COVID-19 crisis, and President Trump’s efforts to quash mail-in voting.