David Gergen served as an advisor for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton; and is the founding director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. That is to say, he knows a lot about the presidency and what it takes to be a great one. In Gergen’s opinion, the COVID-19 pandemic has only underlined how bad president Trump has been for this country.

“It’s sad, because this was such an opportunity to come together to rally. Normally we look to our presidents in moments of crisis to bring out the best in us. This president has managed to bring out the worst in us,” Gergen told Jim Bruade on WGBH News' Greater Boston Tuesday.

Gergen said that Trump is only sowing seeds of dissent and confusion through the country, and what we really need now is a leader that can bring us together.

“It is just so sad to experience this and to see for the next generation. Our presidents have typically been role models for families. People that you wanted to have your kids watch on television," he said. "They could take lessons in dignity, respect, and respect for the office. That’s all gone out the window now, we all know that.

"The questions is, where do we find the leadership from here.”