Today on Boston Public Radio:

– We opened lines to talk with listeners about reopening the streets of Boston to pedestrians, and the upsides of having fewer cars on the road.

– Tech writer Andy Ihnatko discussed the damaging impact anti-vaccine conspiracies could have on an eventual coronavirus vaccine, and the memorials people are creating in the video game "Animal Crossing."

Beat the Press host Emily Rooney discussed concerns over coronavirus misinformation, and read her weekly list of fixations and fulminations.

– Media maven Sue O’Connell talked about gun-toting, anti-lockdown protesters, and gave her take on teenagers ordering alcohol in quarantine.

Basic Black host Callie Crossley discussed the latest news on the death of Amaud Arbery, and the Texas salon owner who garnered media attention for defying lockdown orders while quietly accepting $18,000 in PPP loans.

– We reopened our lines to talk with listeners about cooking in quarantine.