During a White House briefing on Thursday, President Donald Trump suggested that scientists test whether disinfectants could be injected into human bodies to fight the coronavirus. Trump then claimed that his comment was 'sarcastic' on Friday. CNN's John King spoke with Boston Public Radio on Friday about Trump's latest statements on COVID-19.

"He said that this was just sarcasm, but it's reckless and now he just wants us to believe it's sarcasm," King said. "The president, with an audience of millions and a social media following of millions, after sending people down the hydroxychloroquine rabbit hole, and now this one, the idea that you could inject or ingest disinfectants and it would help you? I don't know what to say."

Trump's statement, whether intentional or sarcastic, was heedless to say during this crisis, King said. "It's reckless, and it's irresponsible to suggest it, to posit it as a theory, to suggest the medical community research something like this in the middle of a pandemic," he said.

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