According to reporting from The New York Times, as recently as mid-March, President Donald Trump was brainstorming new ways to get his message across, like hosting his own radio show.

Media maven Sue O'Connell told Boston Public Radio on Friday that this revelation makes clear Trump never wanted to be president in the first place, he just wanted the attention.

"Can you imagine being the person who occupies the most powerful office in the world, basically being the most powerful human being on the entire planet, and it's just not enough," she said. "The reality here is that Donald Trump really doesn't want to be president, he wanted to come in second. ... He hates being president."

In October 2019, Politico reported that Trump wanted to create his own news network to act as a conservative rebuttal to CNN.

O'Connell is co-publisher of Bay Windows and the South End News, and a political commentator.