Voting continued as scheduled in Wisconsin on Tuesday, even though the state was only able to openfive polling locations — down from 180 — due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the Washington Post reports. Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat, sought to suspend voting in person, but his order was reversed by the state's supreme court.

CNN's John King told Boston Public Radio on Tuesday the situation has led to long lines, immense fear of getting sick in the name of civic duty and questions about how to run the Presidential election come November.

"It does not look safe, let's hope everybody's okay, and let's hope — it's probably wishful thinking — that this does start a conversation about more mail-in voting, extended absentee balloting," he said. "This question about how do we conduct elections is going to be with us all the way to November, even if we get to a better place."

King, host of Inside Politics at CNN, said reporters will look at the vote count Tuesday night and analyze what this unprecedented experiment challenge amid a public health emergency means for the future of politics.

"Even amid a pandemic, where there has been some bipartisanship, it's striking to me to watch the polarization in Wisconsin, and it's trickled all the way up to the Supreme Court," he said. "We'll see, does it impact things? Do you get a different result because it's a different voting universe? I'm not smart enough to know that, but when we count the votes, maybe there'll be something to think about after this."