Former Medicare Administrator: Trump Has Failed In Every Element Of Leadership During The Coronavirus Crisis
As we head into what are expected to be the deadliest days of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, a former administrator of Medicare and Medicaid said that President Donald Trump has “violated about every rule” there is for leading a country through a medical crisis.

“We need calm and consistency. We need clarity of messaging. We need a combination of absolute honesty — telling the facts — and hope. … And in every one of those elements, this president has failed,” said Dr. Donald Berwick, who served as the administrator for Medicare and Medicaid under President Barack Obama, speaking Tuesday with Jim Braude on WGBH News' Greater Boston.

A Shaw’s Worker Is 'Petrified' She Will Contract COVID-19 As Grocery Stores Offer Little Protection
Workers from several Boston area grocery stores gathered Tuesday morning outside a Whole Foods in the South End, all standing at least six feet apart, to demand safer working conditions from their employers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demonstration happened on the same day that a Market Basket in Salem announced that an employee there had died of coronavirus — believed to be the first such death of a grocery store worker in the state. Jim Braude was joined by Lisa Wilson, an employee at the Shaw’s Supermarket in Hyde Park, who was part of the protest.

Former New England Patriot Matt Light’s #LiftYourSpirits Campaign Raises Funds For Foodservice Industry Workers During Pandemic
The #LiftYourSpirits challenge is something you can do from home in your pajamas while you miss your favorite local watering hole. Jim Braude joined former Patriots player Matt Light from the Light Foundation to discuss his new campaign to help raise funds for restaurant and bar employees who have been forced out of work by the coronavirus pandemic.