Today on Boston Public Radio:

— We opened lines to ask listeners whether you’re also addicted to the president's daily coronavirus briefings.

— NBC Sports Boston reporter Trenni Kusnierek recapped a husband’s tragic bungle of his wife’s virtual triathlon, and weighed in when sports might make their return to the U.S.

— Carol Rose from the ACLU of Massachusetts spoke on how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the U.S. court system, and discussed the ongoing debate over whether to release certain prisoners to protect them from COVID-19.

— Greater Boston Food Bank CEO Catherine D’Amato discussed how her organization is handling the dramatic spike in food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.

— Travel writer Christopher Muther discussed whether U.S. airlines deserve the $50 billion bailout they’re asking for, and reviewed some freeze-dried meals to try while you’re social-distancing.

— CNN’s John King discussed Tuesday’s Wisconsin primaries and why they’re still happening, as well as what we could see in future stimulus packages from Congress.

— We opened our lines to ask: one month into quarantine, what have you learned you can live without?