On Thursday, NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd gave his weekly check-in with Boston Public Radio. Todd discussed, among other things, how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting candidates in the 2020 presidential race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, viewed by many as the presumptive Democratic nominee, was criticized for not having more of a public presence in recent weeks. Todd, however, defended Biden, saying that politically speaking, staying out of the spotlight is likely the best decision for the former vice president.

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"I just think people are looking for something to worry about,” he said. "Joe Biden is doing exactly what he should do right now — get out of your opponent’s way while they’re destroying themselves. I don’t think it’s a good look if he’s backseat driving every couple of days.

"I think it’s not easy, but I’d be sitting here, putting together a competent cabinet, start having conversations…maybe you start talking about people you would meet with, maybe meet with infectious disease experts, go to hospitals… do something like that,” Todd said.

Biden did speak publicly on Wednesday, criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for not taking more action to protect Floridians during the pandemic.

"I tend to think that the Governor of Florida has been slow in acting,” Todd said. "But when Biden says it, it looks like he’s trying to pick a political fight for an electoral vote. Because what other reason does Biden have for saying it?"

Asked if Trump’s high approval numbers prove he’s winning the favor of the general public, Todd pushed back.

"I’m very dismissive of those numbers. Look at the gap between confidence in [Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker] and confidence in Trump. There’s a 20-point gap there... Jimmy Carter got a bump in the polls after the Iran hostage crisis."

He continued, saying “ I think every day that [Trump] is taking over these press conferences… I’m one of those people who thinks none of it is helpful to him... he has run into the first enemy he can’t bully.”

"I think this thing is the slow unwinding of the politician that is Donald Trump,” he said.