On Tuesday, CNN Chief National Correspondent John King called in to Boston Public Radio to discuss the latest headlines on the president’s response to coronavirus, and several other stories that would’ve made front-page headlines in a more typical news cycle.

Speaking on President Donald Trump’s Tuesday press conference, King said he was pleased to see the president more closely aligned with the realities of the COVID-19 crisis, and the positions of his administration.

"Trump critics will start throwing things at me — virtually — but the president was much more in command at that briefing today ... much more in command of the facts, and much more aware of his details of what’s going on than he has been."

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King went on to discuss the status of emergency aid legislation in both the House and Senate, what to expect from Tuesday’s Democratic primaries and an insider tip on where Tom Brady may be headed next season.

"I think you’re gonna see him on the L.A. Chargers,” King said of Brady. "I heard some rumblings from a friend who does some business with the Chargers organization that in the last 72 hours they have gotten really happy. We’ll see if they can get it to the finish line.”