On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston reporter Trenni Kusnierek joined Boston Public Radio to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the world of sports and do her part to quell a seemingly anxious Jim Braude.

"I listened to you guys on my way in, I was like, ‘I might lick Jim’s face when I walk in the door just to show him how not frightened by all of this I am.’"

On Tuesday morning, the Ivy League announced the cancellation of their postseason basketball tournament due to concerns over coronavirus. That news followed an announcement on Monday from Major League Sports that press will be barred from team locker rooms until further notice.

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“We were laughing about [media being banned] yesterday on our show,” Kusnierek said, "because [Red Sox reporter] John Tomasi said to me, ‘The sickest I’ve ever gotten is because a baseball player was sick and I was close to him.’"

As of Tuesday afternoon, all major Boston sporting events, including the Boston marathon in April, are still on. Kusnierek said she hopes any decisions to cancel events are made deliberately.

"I don’t want them to cancel [the Boston Marathon] now and then six weeks from now this thing has completely plateaued and the numbers have gone way down, and then you can’t have something,” she said. "I think it is smart to wait."