During a recent news conference at the Centers for Disease Contro and Prevention facilities in Atlanta, President Donald Trump praised his own competency on public health issues like COVID-19 and said the CDC's tests were "perfect," despite concerns about their effectiveness and ability to meet projected demand.

Charlie Chieppo and Shannon O'Brien joined Boston Public Radio Monday to discuss whether Trump's handling of the new coronavirus' spread in the United States will impact his re-election, and other political news.

"If he bungles this and the combination of what it may do to the economy, and just the fear and health effects it may have on people, I think that's a tough one," said Chieppo. "I wonder if Pence is not getting set up to be the fall guy in all this."

Trump has tasked Vice President Mike Pence to lead the nation's response to the disease.

O'Brien said even though the impeachment efforts by Democrats failed to remove Trump from office, questions about his ability to be an effective leader are still on American's minds.

"I do believe the crazier the response gets, the more you're going to have people doubting whether or not this guy is the right person to lead this country," she said.

Charlie Chieppo is Principal of Chieppo Strategies, senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute and adjunct professor at Suffolk University and Shannon O'Brien is former Massachusetts State Treasurer and Democratic nominee for Governor. They also discussed the shape of the Democratic presidential campaigns of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.