Today on Boston Public Radio:

Shannon O’Brien and Charlie Chieppo joined us for a politics roundup, covering the latest on coronavirus and the 2020 presidential race.

— We opened our lines to ask callers: do you think President Trump’s coronavirus response will impact his chances at re-election in November?

WGBH News Analyst and GroundTruth Project CEO Charlie Sennott discussed the latest headlines around the peace deal between the U.S. and the Taliban and talk about the possibility of a unified Ireland.

WGBH News’ Senior Investigative Reporter Phillip Martin broke down his reporting on the controversial relationship between M.I.T. and Russian technology institute Skoltech.

— Reverends Irene Monroe and Emmett Price, hosts of WGBH’s All Rev’d Up, discussed a D.C. church rector who tested positive for coronavirus, and Rev. Jesse Jackson’s endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

— TV writer Bob Thompson discussed the end of “Judge Judy” and reviewed Hulu’s "the Devs.”

— We re-opened our lines to ask callers whether climate change has become a higher priority for you in recent years.