With Democratic voters split between five potential candidates, much of Boston Public Radio’s Super Tuesday coverage was devoted to the views of liberal-minded voters and Democratic campaigners. Representing the other side of the political spectrum was former Trump campaign manager and Lowell-native Corey Lewandowski, who called in to give his take on the 2020 race, and whether he thinks any Democratic candidate poses a serious threat to Trump in November.

One candidate Lewandowski said he’s not phased by is former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who’s running against the president on the Republican ticket.

"He’s not a serious candidate, is the truth,” he said. “Just because he was elected in the mid-nineties and left office some 20-plus years ago, ran as a Libertarian four years ago on the Vice Presidential ticket, does not rise to the level of [earning] the opportunity to be on the debate stage with the sitting president of the United States."

Lewandowski also offered his take on Tuesday’s Democratic front-runners, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden.

"I think it’s a true dichotomy in [Sanders and Biden's] philosophies,” he said, "and you have the opportunity to put in front of the electorate, people who have two fundamentally different world views. One who believes in capitalism and one who believes in socialism.”