Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders widened his lead as frontrunner in the 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination after winning nearly 47% of the vote in Saturday's Nevada caucuses. On Monday, Charlie Chieppo and Jennifer Nassour joined Boston Public Radio to share their doubts as to whether the Democratic Socialist could beat President Donald Trump in a general election.

"We are really in one of the lowest levels of hell right now,” Chieppo said. "The Democrats' capacity for self-immolation is beyond anything I’ve ever seen, and it goes back as long as I’ve been alive ... and it seems to grow with time.”

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Nassour agreed, saying sarcastically that “we should definitely put a Democratic Socialist up there, who has never actually joined the Democratic Party, who has been the United States Senator of a state that has about, roughly, 630,000 people and is the whitest state. He should really turn the country around for the better.”

"Bernie Sanders would lose 40 states to Donald Trump,” Chieppo concluded.