On Tuesday, Chuck Todd joined Boston Public Radio to discuss politics in the lead-up to the New Hampshire primary results. Speaking with Jim and Margery in person at the WGBH News pop-up stuidio in Manchester, Todd joked about the switch from his typical over-the-phone interviews on the show.

"Your listeners need to know… when I do have these conversations with you two, I [picture] you in a studio, you’re sitting next each other," Todd said. ""It’s so clear that you have to have a lot of distance between you, don’t you? I’m surprised you [even] look at each other."

The three went on to discuss, among other things, the stamina of 2020’s presidential candidates. Reflecting on past interviews he had with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg, Todd said, "I think it’s amazing these candidates don’t make as many verbal miscues, particularly in this point in the campaign.”