Award winning chef and host of PBS' "No Passport Required" Marcus Samuelsson joined Boston Public Radio on Wednesday to speak about the show's second season. The Portuguese, Cabo Verdean and Brazilian communities based in Boston were primarily featured in this season's Boston episode.

"When you think about Portuguese, Cabo Verdean and Brazilian," Samuelsson said. "That's three different communities that sometimes don't get heard and this was a great opportunity to present that in Boston."

Immigrant communities have consistently added valuable depth to American culture and cuisine, Samuelsson said.

"America is deeply complex and every layer of immigrants have added something new to it," he said. "I feel bad for people who have so much fear of us immigrants. We're Americans. We're here to add value and we're extremely patriotic."

"No Passport Required" airs Monday nights at 9pm on PBS and is also available online at