As Impeachment Trial Gets Underway, A Fierce Debate About The Rules
The Senate impeachment trial kicked off Tuesday with a fierce debate over the rules that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put forth for the proceedings. Key sticking points have been the questions of whether any witnesses will be called and whether new evidence can be introduced, with Republicans maintaining that only information learned during the House proceedings should count and Democrats arguing it’s the Senate’s duty to hear all available evidence. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Nancy Gertner, a retired federal judge and senior lecturer at Harvard Law School; and Renee Landers, Suffolk Law Professor and constitutional law expert.

First-In-The-Nation New Hampshire Voters Split Ahead Of Primary
With three weeks to go until the New Hampshire primary, the front-runners are neck and neck and, as Adam Reilly found out, opinions on how the Democrats will best stack up against Trump are varied. Following Adam’s report from Coos county, he joined Jim Braude along with Joanna Weiss, editor of Experience Magazine at Northeastern University, to discuss the Issues.

Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why it’s past time for an Equal Rights Amendment.