A report from the security blogKrebsOnSecurity has found that Apple can still seek location information on iPhones, even when all those settings on the phone have been turned off.

Tech writer Andy Ihnatko joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday to discuss this.

"You can turn off location tracking, and yet sometimes that little bug that turns up on the top of your screen to warn you that location is being tracked, will still turn up," he said. "It could be a bug, because iOS 13 is the biggest dumpster fire of bugs that Apple has ever released as a major operating system."

Ihnatko said Apple responded to Krebs' report by "painting a picture" that indicated there may be system processes that need to track the phone's location even when the user has manually disabled the capability.

"Whether it's a bug, whether it's something Apple needs to fix, or whether it's something that Apple needs to explain, still remains to be seen," he said.

Ihnatko is a tech writer, blogger and podcaster. You can follow him on Twitter @ihnatko.