President Trump Balks At Democrats’ Plan For Wednesday Hearing
President Donald Trump again accused Democrats of unfair impeachment proceedings as he turned down the opportunity Sunday to send a lawyer to testify Wednesday in the first hearings held by the House Judiciary Committee. What is the Democratic strategy for moving forward, and how do they plan to counter Republican criticisms?

Jim Braude was joined by Steve Kerrigan, former CEO of the Democratic National Convention and former congressional candidate; and Nadeem Mazen, former city councilor and founder of, a new social networking platform focusing on protecting user data.

If Everyone Agrees Local Transportation Needs Improvement, Why Do So Many Problems Remain?
Elected leaders of both parties seem to agree that the roads, traffic and the MBTA in Boston and the surrounding suburbs are in much need of improvement, but there are significant differences in what they say should be done, how much money should be dedicated, and on what timetable.

Following his interview with Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack last week, Jim Braude was joined by Christopher Dempsey, director of Transportation For Massachusetts, and Stacy Thompson, executive director of LivableStreets.

Men Of Steel, Women Of Wonder
It's been around eighty years since Superman and Wonder Woman first entered American pop culture. Now their entire lives are on display at the Addison Gallery in Andover. Arts Editor Jared Bowen takes us back to the beginning, and how the pair has evolved in the decades since.

IMHO: Reading Is Fundamental
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the good news about Boston getting rid of library late fees for kids.