It’s nearly been one year since the Camp Fire destroyed the community of Paradise in Butte County, California. Frontline this week released “Fire in Paradise,” a documentary that reflects on the fire and the factors that made it as destructive as it became.

“Fire in Paradise” Director Jane McMullen phoned into the Boston Public Radio studios Thursday to talk about the film and the broader legacy of last year's tragedy.

The film showed that the conditions that allowed for the Camp Fire were largely an effect of the earth’s changing climate.

"Communities need to prepare for fires that are unimaginably bigger than before,” McMullen said. “That will continue into the future as climate change impacts California and other parts of the country more."

Another key message of the film was that roads and infrastructure in California continue to leave residents at risk should another massive fire manifest.

“Paradise is not a unique place … in terms of the way it’s configured, for a fire that overwhelms the entire town. There are places that Cal Fire can name where they are very, very worried that this might happen again — and unfortunately, it probably will happen again.”