Astros Assistant GM Fired After Taunting Female Reporters: Assistant General Manager Brendan Taubman found himself out of a job after it was reported that he yelled at three female reporters with a taunting reference to a player suspended for domestic violence. The story then developed into a bigger controversy when the team initially suggested the incident did not occur.

Harvard Crimson Under Fire After Seeking Comment From ICE: Activists called for an apology from the campus newspaper after journalists reached out to the federal agency for comment while reporting on a protest against deportations. The students argued that contacting ICE for the story endangered undocumented students.

Reader Beware: Political Messages Masquerading As “News” Sites: There is a growing ecosystem of fake news websites masquerading as legitimate local news outlets while secretly promoting certain candidates or political messages, most of them conservative.

Banning The B-Word? A Massachusetts bill calling for legal consequences for using an offensive word for women went viral this week, although most reporting missed the fact that the proposal was actually one of many inconsequential “constituent bills” that makes its way into the Massachusetts legislature each year.

Rants & Raves: 10/25/19
The panel reviews this week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian; former Wall Street Journal reporter Roy Harris; Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University; and Jon Keller of WBZ News.