Twenty-five years ago, 126 Americans died every day from handgun violence, according to John Rosenthal. So, in 1994, he and Michael Kennedy started an organization to raise awareness about the dangers of unregulated gun ownership. They put billboards up around the Boston area to promote their mission: To end gun violence without compromising second amendment rights.

The organization, Stop Handgun Violence, has since advocated for gun regulation measures in the state. Rosenthal joined Boston Public Radio on Tuesday to discuss the organization's work over the past quarter century.

"In Massachusetts, we simply treat guns like the inherently dangerous products they are," said Rosenthal.

Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to enact consumer regulations "like exist nationally for toy guns," according to Rosenthal.

"Toy guns are regulated by the National Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can't sell a toy gun without that little red dot at the end of the barrel so police know it's a toy. ... But to make and sell a gun: zero federal standards," Rosenthal said.

That's what Rosenthal said his organization will continue to work towards.

Stop Handgun Violence will hold an anniversary event in Boston on Oct. 24, attended by local gun regulation advocates and March For Our Lives co-founder David Hogg.