Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • We opened the lines to callers to ask: In light of the whistleblower news in Washington, have there ever been times when you’ve had to take a stand against authority? Was it the right choice?
  • Tech writer Andy Inathko discussed big tech’s relationship to China, following Apple’s choice to pull an app that helped pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong track police whereabouts.
  • NBC Sports Boston Reporter Trenni Kusnierek discussed the NBA’s catering to Chinese interests, as well as basketball player Enes Kanter’s essay about refusing to be silent on Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian leadership.
  • Author Imani Perry discussed her latest book: "Breathe: A Letter To My Sons.”
  • Harpreet Sareen, assistant professor at the Parsons School of Design, discussed his research on cyborg botany and the movement to make plant-robot hybrids.
  • Boston Globe Columnist Shirley Leung discussed her latest column on why local craft breweries are pushing for more diversity.
  • For our weekly news quiz, all-female Brazilian brass band Fanfarra Feminina Sagrada Profana joined to promote the upcoming HONK! Festival in Somerville.