Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the Democrats of attempting to "intimidate, bully, and treat improperly" members of the State Department after they scheduled depositions of officials who might have knowledge about Pesident Trump's request that the government of Ukraine investigate the Biden family.

John King told Boston Public Radio on Tuesday this sets up a massive confrontation in the impeachment process.

"The Democrats have said they're not going to court for weeks and months to try and get any testimony here, they'll just roll it into an obstruction article of impeachment against the White House," said King. "But if you want to know what exactly what Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine ... you need the testimony of these witnesses. So we now have a giant confrontation between the administration and Congress over what are the fundamental building blocks of the impeachment case."

Editor's note: Since this interview, House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff has said Pompeo's interference is itself an "effort to intimidate witnesses."