Rep. Katherine Clark: Trump 'Did Not Leave [House Democrats] A Choice' On Impeachment Inquiry
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opening of an official impeachment inquiry into President Trump last week raised a range of new questions about the shape the investigation will take, how public opinion may or may not shift over time, and what this will mean for the political landscape heading into 2020. Jim Braude was joined by Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark, the sixth-highest ranking Democrat in the House, who has been calling for impeachment proceedings since July.

Tracking The Impacts Of Climate Change On Cape Cod
A new multimedia piece from the Boston Globe, "At the Edge of a Warming World," chronicles the dangers facing the region as climate change leads to warmer waters, changing weather patterns, and increased stresses on native wildlife. Jim Braude was joined by columnist Nestor Ramos, who authored the piece, and Massachusetts state senator for the Cape and Islands, Sen. Julian Cyr.

IMHO: The Sins Of The Church Continue
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how the church hierarchy in Rhode Island overlooked a sexual predator in its ranks.