Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • Chuck Todd discussed President Donald Trump's recent accusations against Jewish Americans and other political headlines. Todd is Moderator of Meet the Press, host of Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC, and the Political Director for NBC News.
  • We opened the lines to get listener opinions on the prospect of a Rep. Joe Kennedy III run against Sen. Edward Markey for his seat.
  • Andrea Cabral discussed criminal justice reform plans of presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Cabral is a former Suffolk County Sheriff, former secretary of Public safety, CEO of Ascend.
  • Ali Noorani discussed a sweeping lawsuit against the Trump administration over poor medical care in immigration centers. Noorani is Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum.
  • Food writer Corby Kummer discussed the rise and fall of seafood kingpin, the Codfather.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam discovered ASMR and shared its wonders with Margery Eagan and Jared Bowen.
  • Jonathan Alsop of the Boston Wine School tasted us on some Croatian wines, and discussed how climate change is affecting wineries.