Dissecting The First Democratic Debate
The first night of Democratic debates highlighted some key differences between the first set of candidates on immigration, health care and ways to address the growing wealth gap in the United States. Former housing secretary Julian Castro had a breakout night and gained ground in terms of name recognition, Sen. Elizabeth Warren dug in on her policy credentials without much criticism from the others on stage, and many, including New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, emphasized the need for the party to prioritize working class voters. What will be the impact of the night on the race?

Jim Braude was joined by former Rep. Michael Capuano and Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards.

The Growth Of Girls’ Soccer
President Trump recently used his Twitter account bully pulpit to come after U.S. Women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe after she said she would not go to the White House if her team won. But while he may not be a fan, there’s a growing number of girls playing soccer around the county who might be. Tina Martin reports.

From Tahiti To Rhode Island: Your Summer Travel Inspo
After a dreary winter and an even drearier spring, summer is finally here. To offer up a little inspiration, Boston Globe travel writer Christopher Muther joins Jim Braude to talk about his recent visits to Tahiti, London, Cuba, Hawaii and back around the corner to Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the short-lived propaganda arm for the gun lobby. We hardly knew ye.