President Trump shook up the Department of Homeland Security last week when he forced former Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen to resign, after berating her for not being tough enough on border security.

Speaking with Boston Public Radio on Thursday, Ali Noorani, the executive director of the National Immigration Forum, said that if anything, the president’s singular focus on the migrant crisis will actually make the nation less secure.

“It seems that the president is deciding to run the entire immigration system out of the Oval Office,” Noorani said. “I think this leaves the country at a great risk from a national security perspective. If we don’t have stability at the leadership of DHS, there are a lot of folks within that large and important agency who are asking ... who’s in charge.”

Noorani, who has been an adamant critic of Trump’s immigration policy, says that the president’s decision making is short sighted, misguided and that his fear of immigrants has little basis in fact.

“The president is doing this because he is politically terrified of women, children, mothers, [and] fathers seeking protection in the U.S., and that’s just not good policy,” Noorani said.