Sec. Nielsen Is Out, But Her Family Separation Legacy Lives On
After a tumultuous year as President Donald Trump’s top immigration official, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is out as head of the Department of Homeland Security. Trump reportedly asked for Nielsen's resignation after more than a year of questioning her leadership and her handling of his administration's most controversial immigration policies, including the zero tolerance family separation program and Trump's proposal to limit asylum protections. Meanwhile, reports indicate that Trump wants to bring back the family separation policy.

Jim Braude was joined by Marion Davis, director of communications for the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition; and Hemanth Gundavaram, co-founder and co-director of the Immigrant Justice Clinic at Northeastern University.

Jonathan Gruber on ‘Jump-Starting America’
The national economy is in good shape, with unemployment near the lowest seen in 50 years, rising overall wages, and 200,000 jobs being added per month. But the job growth has not been evenly distributed, with some regions experiencing little growth and other regions — like New York, Los Angeles and Boston — experiencing explosive growth that strains infrastructure and housing prices. One solution posited by economist Jonathan Gruber is to invest more heavily in science funding, which can spur job growth and a wide range of spin-off industries as well.

Jim Braude was joined by Gruber to discuss his new book, "Jump-Starting America."

At 'Happy Place,' The Focus Is Always On Instagram
Kim Kardashian would be right at home in a new pop up place in Boston’s Back Bay. Though there’s no high-end fashion or fancy jewelry, as Stephanie Leydon reports, it’s a kind of playground for aspiring social media stars.

IMHO: A Fair Shake
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why you should never underestimate the power of a good handshake.