Two dozen senators ask for temporary protective status for Venezuelans in the U.S. Can a Latino-oriented campaign for 2020 work in Julian Castro’s favor? And Netflix closes the curtain on Cuban-American family sitcom “One Day at a Time.”


Julio Ricardo Varela — Co-host of the “In The Thick” podcast, Latino USA contributor and founder of Latino Rebels.
Maria Cramer — Reporter at The Boston Globe.

Some of the stories we discussed today:

Here Are The Latinas We Should Honor This #WomensHistoryMonth (mitú)

  • Maria's addition: "The one name that kept ringing out to me was Mercedes Sosa, the legendary Argentine folk singer who died in 2009. Aside from being an enormous talent who brought worldwide attention to the Argentine songbook, she was pretty fearless. Her politics were in opposition to the military junta of the 1970s and she and her family had death threats against them yet she refused to leave. She only left in 1979 when she was arrested during a concert. So she was pretty badass!"

Dozens of people are vying to be next Boston school superintendent (The Boston Globe)

Stranded in Tijuana (Latino USA)

NOTE: In a previous version of the audio for this story one of the guests erroneously stated Dan Rivera is from New Jersey when he is in fact from Lawrence, MA.