Personality Vs. Policy In 2020
It's a question at the heart of every political campaign: What do voters care about more, a candidate's policies or their personality? Newcomer to the race Beto O’Rourke raised more than $6 million on the first day of his campaign while facing criticism for having no specific policy ideas or ideological consistency. Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has lagged in the polls while continuing to roll out what many political observers say are the most detailed and thorough policy positions on a wide range of topics in the 2020 race.

Jim Braude was joined by Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh and Sydney Asbury, former deputy director for Gov. Deval Patrick.

The End Of Cash Bail In Suffolk County?
Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins gained attention during the election for her ‘do not prosecute' plan, a list of 15 criminal charges that she said her office would decline to pursue. While the plan gained pushback from the National Police Association, a new report released from the Massachusetts branch of the ACLU found that Boston prosecutors dropped nearly 60 percent of such charges brought in 2013 and 2014. The study also showed widespread racial disparities, including that black residents were more likely to get convicted, get probation, or spend time behind bars. Rollins said that getting rid of cash bail is "100 percent" on the horizon in Suffolk County.

Jim Braude was joined by District Attorney Rachael Rollins and one of the authors of the report, Rahsaan Hall of the ACLU of Massachusetts.

Senior Friendly Businesses
Stores – the kind you can actually walk into – face intense competition from the kind that exist only on a computer screen. And as TIna Martin tells us, in an effort to increase foot traffic, one local shopping district had joined a global effort to make its stores appealing to a key demographic.

IMHO: Trump’s Terrible Twitter Weekend
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on another weekend of terrible missives from the Tweeter-In-Chief.