Today on the show:

  • We’re only two days into 2019, and all anyone can talk about is 2020: particularly after Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped a video on Dec. 31 announcingshe’s launching an “exploratory committee” to look into running for president. We discussed this and other political headlines with news analysts Charlie Chieppo and Shannon O’Brien.
  • Then we opened up the lines to ask our listeners what they think of Elizabeth Warren’s possible bid for the 2020 election.
  • National security expert Juliette Kayyem joined us to discuss what’s next for the Dept. of Defense now that former Secretary James Mattis is out.
  • We went over the latest in medical ethics dilemmas with medical ethicist Art Caplan.
  • In December, two men competed to make exploration history, each carrying a heavy sled over a frozen landscape to be the first to cross Antarctica solo and unaided. Harvard historian Nancy Koehn joined us to explain.
  • WGBH’s Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen joins us to discuss Oscar nominations and the films currently out in theaters.
  • On Christmas eve this year, the Boston Globe announced that they’re cutting down the comic strip section of the paper. We opened the lines to ask our listeners: are you enraged at the loss of Ippy the Pinhead, or are comic junkie days a thing of the past?