Speaking on the Senate floor today, Mitch McConnell made it clear that while the FBI investigation may be ongoing, he is ready to move ahead with a vote on Kavanaugh by the end of the week. This could mean procedural votes starting in the next day or two.

McConnell’s declaration comes even after President Donald Trump signaled that he is open to a much more comprehensive look — as long as it’s done with “speed.”

Meanwhile, despite plenty of partisan disagreement on the matter, there's one thing that some members on both sides of the aisle have agreed on: if Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath, it’s disqualifying. But that agreement raises another question about how these politicians will define “lying," and whether the FBI is even investigating that issue.

Jim Braude was joined by Martha Coakley, former state Attorney General, and Brian Kelly, a former assistant U.S. Attorney.