Blasey Ford’s Call For A Third-Party Investigation
Christine Blasey Ford has said she wants the FBI to investigate her accusations of sexual assault, but the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley, has said it’s not the agency’s role to do so. And for a few key Republicans who have been teetering on the fence about Kavanaugh, it seems Ford’s decision about whether to attend next Monday’s hearing could be a deciding factor in how they vote. Jim Braude was joined by Renee Landers, Suffolk Law professor and constitutional law expert, and Gautam Mukunda — a Harvard Kennedy School fellow and author of Indispensible: When Leaders Really Matter.

What The New Suffolk Poll Tells Us About The Midterms
It is less than 7 weeks until the November elections. Today, a new Suffolk University / Boston Globe poll is out, giving a little clearer picture of where some of the big local races stand. Jim Braude was joined by the pollster behind the numbers, David Paleologos.

The YIMBYs Come to Town
To most, the term NIMBY is an epithet — two syllables that conjure up a self-centered aversion to change — declaring "not in my back yard." But for those who embrace such change, a slight change of the term, YIMBY, is a badge of honor. Those who wear it describe it as an enlightened approach to development. This week, YIMBYs from across the country are converging in Boston for their annual conference — but as Adam Reilly reports, not everyone is welcoming them with open arms.

IMHO: Move Over Martin Shkreli, There’s a New Pharma Villain in Town
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the newest member of the Big Pharma Gang of Thieves.